Hang with a Shipbuilder.

Southgate Faces, a portrait and audio project consisting of 65 striking images of shipbuilders and accompanying audio interviews, is seeking a corporate sponsor for our upcoming exhibit at the Portland Jetport in Portland, Maine. Over 500,000 travelers will have access to the display through the months of July and August, Maine’s busiest seasons. Our sponsor will feature prominently in this bold exhibit, among images of some of America’s hardest working people. A good fit will be companies in work apparel, hardware, food and beverage and heavy duty vehicles, as well as any companies that cater to visitors of Maine. Inquiries can be made to Heather Perry, co-creator of Southgate Faces at heatherperryphoto@mac.com or (207) 720-0540. See more information about the project at www.southgatefaces.com

SGF Sponsorship for Exhibit and Podcast Web.jpg